10 reasons to practice pilates during pregnancy

Did you know that Pilates is one of the best exercise options out there? The method emerged at the beginning of the last century and its main objective is to unite the body and mind. There are so many benefits that it provides that pregnant women are no different. The practice of exercises with no impact during pregnancy is an alternative activity for the development of pregnancy, in addition to being a great ally without the possible inconveniences that this phase can bring.

Pregnancy practing pilates

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should practice Pilates during pregnancy. But remember: physical activities must be authorized by your obstetrician.

Discover the 10 reasons to practice Pilates during pregnancy 1 - Good posture

Practicing Pilates during pregnancy helps mom to maintain good posture, strengthens the abdominal region and muscles.

2 - Pain reduction

With the improvement of posture, Pilates considerably reduces complaints of pain in pregnancy. Back pain, one of the most common, which happens due to the overweight that the baby brings, ends up being reduced with the practice of pilates.

3 - Quality of sleep

It is not news that exercising improves the quality of sleep. And it would be no different with Pilates. With a good night of sleep, after a day of pilates practice during pregnancy, the pregnant woman gains quality of life and increased daily energy.

4 - Strengthened pelvic muscles

One of the reasons for looking for pilates during pregnancy is the strengthening of the pelvic muscles, which later on, facilitates childbirth. Moms love using the ball as an element in practice, which when sitting and making rotating movements help to increase dilation.

Pregnancy practing pilates
5 - Increase in physical resistance

It seems that Pilates is just a simple stretching exercise, but know that it is not! There are several types of activities that include practice, and of course, there is an increase in physical resistance, achieving greater agility and weight control.

6 - Improved breathing

When you start to practice pilates, the first exercise is, without a doubt, in relation to breathing. Pilates in pregnancy helps you breathe better, in a controlled way. It is a type of breathing indicated for when the pregnant woman is having contractions, as well as during childbirth.

7 - Improves blood circulation

Did you know that Pilates creates a balanced and balanced "irrigation" of blood throughout the body? The various positions of practice provide this to the organism.

8 - Relaxation and good mood

Without exercising exhaustively, the woman is more relaxed with Pilates during pregnancy, as it is an exercise that has several stretching and relaxing movements.

9 - Living with other pregnant women

If you choose to take pilates classes during pregnancy with other pregnant women, it's a super positive point! Living with other moms can make you feel safer when exchanging experiences.

Pregnancy practing pilates
10 - Postpartum recovery

In addition to doing a huge good during pregnancy, the practice of Pilates in pregnancy provides a great postpartum recovery. And if there is no contraindication, the woman can continue practicing to recondition her muscles, regain physical shape and avoid depression.

In addition to Pilates, walking and yoga are activities that help with physical conditioning and are also non-impact options that explore concentration and body awareness.

IMPORTANT: as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the practice of pilates during pregnancy or other exercises must be authorized by your obstetrician. Pregnant women with changes in blood pressure, who have experienced bleeding or placental displacement cannot do any type of physical activity without prior authorization.

If you are in a totally healthy pregnancy and without medical restrictions, Pilates can be an exercise option to be more relaxed and of course, help you have a good delivery. Take care!