Why use a nursing pillow?

Many moms ask themselves if it really makes a difference to use this type of pillow or if it is worth investing in this item of layette and the answer to this question is yes!

During the breastfeeding period, it is very important that moms find the correct position for the baby, because if poorly positioned, they can pull the nipples, causing cracks or irritations in the breasts, which are very sensitive. This position is easily found when using this simple accessory with "C" or "U" shaped filling.

In addition, the piece promotes a rest for the arms of the nursing mother, reducing the stress caused by time and constant repetitions of movements. The pillow also allows a safe and comfortable fit of the baby to the body, making the act a more pleasant moment for both. For those who had a c-section birth, the nursing pillow reduces the pressure on the abdomen.

Four creative ways to use the nursing pillow

1 - To relieve the pain in the pregnant woman's back at bedtime

The use of the pillows for breastfeeding can be initiated from pregnancy, where the mother can use it at bedtime, finding a more comfortable position and reducing her neck, shoulder and arm pain.

2 - To put your baby to bed in the first months of life

In the first months, the little one can enjoy the pillow in several ways, lying down, relaxing and enjoying the piece even when it's not in mom's lap.

3 - To teach your baby how to stand on his stomach

Most babies don't like to lie on their stomachs, but this position is also important for their development and the pillow will help you accommodate them comfortably. The goal is to strengthen your neck muscles and teach you to push, roll and stand up. Nursing pillows can be used to improve the quality of this moment. You can leave it behind if the baby is still in that phase of falling behind.

4 - To help your baby crawl

When the baby is older, after six months, it can also be an ally of the mother when the baby starts to want to crawl. The little one learns to coordinate his arms and legs, strengthening his muscles to finally crawl. At nine months, the piece can also help the baby keep his balance and sit up.

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